Sorter Systems

Reliable, efficient, multi-purpose, space- and time-saving sorter system solutions are offered based on your product, distribution and order structure. Depending on the needed speed, the size and the weight of the sorted material, ARB (Activated Roller Belt), pick-to-light, tilt-tray, double-tray or cross-belt separators are used.

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AS-RS Systems

In product shipment, sorting is the hearth of the work process. We produce smart solutions improving your productivity, efficiency and delivery accuracy by sorting your products with the best method for your business using Sorter Systems.

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Lighted Picking Systems

Lighted picking systems are systems that have a light or a LED system at each picking section. The main system guides the collector by analyzing the products and the quantities in the order based on the set criteria, turning on the lights of the respective sections and displaying the quantity to be picked on the screen.

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Shuttle Car Systems

Shuttle car systems are systems that are generally used in automated warehouses to rapidly take in/out pallet/parcel/basket etc. Moreover, they may be used to supply materials to multiple order picking stations.

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Vertical Handling Systems

Vertical Handling Systems are, actually, named as vertical conveyor vehicles. Vertical handling systems are especially used to carry products from one floor to another in multi-storey warehouses. They are extremely silent and leave the products to the set stops between the floors. They are controlled fully by the sensors and work integrated to the load handling systems such as rollers or chain conveyors.

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