AS-RS Systems

Automatic stocking and recall systems are systems that enables automatic stocking and recalling of pallets, baskets, parcels and boxes at warehouses and distribution centers. Automatic warehousing is ideal for the following practices and industries: In stocking fast moving consumption goods of sectors with high volumes of input and output such as food&beverage, pharmaceuticals, distribution&logistics. In stocking products at compact silo warehouses for long term.


  • Space- and cost-saving 
  • Compliance to delivery dates thanks to the provided inventory reliability 
  • Highest shipment management quality thanks to faultless picking guarantee 
  • Improvement of efficiency and reliability by integration to ERP and WMS 
  • Dynamic systems providing high performance 
  • Modular equipment 
  • Flexibility (a structure designed for single or multiple deep stocking) 
  • Supporting weights from 50kg to 300kg in tray and box handling systems, 300kg to 1200kg in pallet handling systems
  • Solutions for unique environmental conditions such as cold storage depots


  • Energy efficiency 
  • High speed and acceleration 
  • Simple and compact design
  • Low cost