Pallet AS/RS

Systems that enable storage and recall of high volume products.

A sprinkle of magic for the latest technology and the highest quality

With the same warehouse

  • More products
  • Less time 
  • Faster work flow
  • Minimum error

Pallet AS/RS System Advantages

– Efficient Volume Use: Provides optimum space-saving by effectively assessing their installation site as 3D.

– 24 Hour Sustainable Performance: Systems may run uninterruptedly with the same performance for 24 hours.

– ERP System Integrated Inventory Control System: Since the systems are connected to the ERP systems with their software, inventory may be actively controlled.

– 100% Accuracy: The accuracy rate in loading and unloading reaches 100%.

– Less Time: Loading and unloading processes take less time.

– Occupational Safety: Since the site will be completely close to human access, occupational safety risks decrease.

– Less Cost: Enables decreasing operation and maintenance costs.

Increase your gain by decreasing your storage costs with AS/RS solutions.

Technical Data:

Corridor width 1500 mm (59.0”)
Telescope speed max. 1.1 m/s (275 fpm)
Loading height min. 550 mm (21.6”)
Load euro palet, max. 1200 kg (2645 lbs)