Lighted Picking Systems

Lighted picking systems are systems that have a light or a LED system at each picking section. The main system guides the collector by analyzing the products and the quantities in the order based on the set criteria, turning on the lights of the respective sections and displaying the quantity to be picked on the screen. The collector picks the quantity indicated on the screen from the respective section, presses a button to report to the main system that the indicated quantity is picked and moves to the next lighted section. And the main system records that the products in the respective section are picked. A new picking work order is created for the respective section, if any.


  • Guiding operators with lighted numerators
  • Correcting missing-excess material onsite
  • Recording inventory instantly with a single button
  • Partial regional picking option
  • Minimizing material picking errors
  • Higher picking efficiency
  • Multi-color LED warning lights
  • Multi-digit numerical screen
  • Buttons to increase / decrease amounts
  • Industrial data transfer
  • Flexible programming options 

More Effective Order Picking with

Lighted Picking Systems

  • Lighted Picking Systems adapted to your requests
  • Unlimited applications
  • Expandable modular structure
  • Easy-to-connect parts
  • Amount correction and inventory functions
  • Dialog-managed exclusive processes
  • Flexible software architecture
  • Interface open to all WMS/ERP systems 

Configuration and Control of Lighted Picking System 

Your Lighted Picking System requires software for integration. We offer you 3 different options.

  1. ILA provides the system as turn-key. Supports you with project software adapted based on your requests besides Device Administrator, and integrates this system to your server system.
    2. You benefit from our Device Administrator that manages, controls every component individually like our rack inspector and controller. You provide the application-specific software and the server system interface.
    3. You build the entire software yourself. We may support you with the documents that you need.

Advantages of Using Our Device Administrator

  • As in central data, Device Administrator manages the components and converts physical coordinates to logical coordinates.
  • Frequently used functions such as the zone management, quantity correction process, zero zone management etc. are already applied.
  • As part of maintenance and diagnosis, it is possible to get detailed information for every piece that is connected to the system such as status quo and energy consumption.
  • To test the system compliance of any modification or expansion effort, there are various simulation methods.
  • In server systems, a special socket is placed on a simple connector (TCP/IP socket).

Your advantages when you order a turn-key system

You will win by connecting to systems such as ERP, PPS, WMS or SAP, and adding 30 years experience to your business. We apply system-specific processes and functions based on system requirements. Whether the subject is data, communication, process safety or system, you can benefit from our expertise 24/7.


Conveyor systems, corner shelves, space division, picking, pallet storage, deep freeze applications (down to -30 degrees), incoming and outgoing goods, entering returns, inventory, quality control, registered delivery, separation and mobile application.


Height: 50 mm (PTF) or 25 mm (PTF-S)

Radiant lamp: 7 colors 20 mm diameter

Signs: Red, top/bottom

Alert Button: Strong long stroke button, error rate of 1 in 10 millions

Function Button: User-defined stop button


  • Sensor for the intervention screen
  • QuickReply metal spring steel
  • Sound signal
  • Anti-humidity IP54 

Assembly: Easy to assemble, clip-on technology

Connection: Contact spring connections

Operational Temperature: -30°C to +50°C

Effective Picking

New DualLED

The horizontally divided version of the alert lamp with seven colors enables controlling top and bottom sections individually. This design enables to clearly define the offset position of the screen at the top and the bottom. Moreover, it offers ease by enabling two operators to perform picking at the same region. Plus special functions can be seen more clearly. Naturally, two halves of the lamp are set to display the same color. Thus they can be viewed from far away.

Improved Picking Verification with Sensor Technology

In order to enable contact-free verification during the process of picking and to accelerate picking, we provide our indicators with two additional sensors.

L-Touch Soft Tap Verification

Contact-free sensors are placed inside the warning lamp instead of the mechanic OK button. Instead of pressing the button, picking is verified with a soft tap on the lamp.

QRS (Quick Reply Sensor) Communication-free Verification

A sensor is integrated to the top or bottom section of the indicator instead of the OK button. The communication-free verification is performed with a grip gesture below or above the indicator.

External Key

An electric switch, a wired key or a new external inlet portal may be used to connect devices such as KANBAN sensor. And this creates new options for application.

F1 and F2 control switches

When LTouch function is activated, unused verification button may be replaced with a second control switch. This switch may be used for an additional function that will improve the flexibility of the system.