Shuttle Car Systems

Shuttle car systems are systems that are generally used in automated warehouses to rapidly take in/out pallet/parcel/basket etc. Moreover, they may be used to supply materials to multiple order picking stations.

Intended use and specifications of shuttle car systems:

  • May be used to provide materials to multiple order picking stations. 
  • May be used to accelerate product input and shipment processes in automatic warehouses. 
  • May be designed to carry one or more pallet/parcel/basket. 
  • May operate in integration and harmony with load handling vehicles such a roller/chain conveyors and telescopic conveyors. 
  • May speed up and slow down in a very short amount of time. 
  • Communicates through chain cable, infrared or radio signals. 
  • Sensors are placed with the help of a gear belt or a laser. 
  • Operated via cable or busbar.