Logistics consultants offer affordable and creative warehouse design solutions to the leading companies of the wholesale, retail and consumption good production sectors in subjects such as distribution, supply chain management and handling solutions since 1990. As a consulting company, we are aware that logistics is a rising key factor in operational costs and customer satisfaction, and that this key factor directly affects the market shares of companies. Our logistics consultants create the best logistics concept required by your company and the best warehouse design in line with this concept, and offer the best handling solutions for your supply chain.

  • Do you know the percentage of your logistics costs within the total product price? 
  • What is the logistics model that your competitors use? 
  • How do they benefit from logistics as a competitive power? 
  • Can you measure the share of your warehouse costs in your total product sales revenue? 
  • Did you consider your seasonal structure while identifying your warehouse need? 
  • Do you know the relationship between the productivity of warehouse personnel and product placement, picking, replacing processes? 
  • Do you know how barcode automation will decrease storage costs of RFID systems? 

We, as professional logistics consultants, aim to create a difference with advanced solutions in establishing a perfect logistics network, handling products, and designing distribution centers and warehouses. We believe that we have extensive experience in warehouse design, and conventional and highly automated handling solutions for warehouses and distribution centers. Our industry engineers, operation and system design experts offer onsite solutions for warehouse logistics concept, design and processes fulfilling the needs of the customer. Among the skills of our engineers and system design experts, we can name selecting and applying the warehouse management system program in line with supply chain operation.

Each of our logistics consultants works like an independent warehouse designer and a consulting company. As your logistics consultant, system designer and partner, we promise to offer you the analyses, concepts and solutions that best fulfill your needs and interests exclusively and without any prejudice.

Our Consulting Company services are grouped under the following titles:

  • Warehouse Design 
  • Warehouse Management System 
  • Work Flow Diagrams Process Management and Improvement 
  • Warehouse Redesign 
  • Full or Semi-Automated System Design
  • Performance Management