Automation investments with large budgets gain meaning with the integration of software enabling optimum use of the installed automation systems. Otherwise, they fail to be more than a dead investment. Regarding this, there are two basic software integrations. These are as follows:

  • PLC (Machine Language Software)
  • IWS (Warehouse Management Software)

PLC (Machine Language Software)

Machine program enabling the control of the equipments in the installed automation systems such as a sensor and an engine, and operation of the system based on this. As the automation systems that we individually design for each customer, these programs are exclusively developed and applied for the customer.

IWS (Warehouse Management Software)

Unless the installed automation systems are not desired to be controlled manually in line with the request of the customer, they definitely need a warehouse management system. Thus, there should definitely be a warehouse management software that can control these besides the automation systems that the investment is made for. The warehouse management software currently used in installed warehouses shall be able to fulfill this need and integration. Warehouse Management Software (IWS) that we have developed as ILA and offered as a wide-range software may manage all the above-mentioned automation services that we offer.

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