Service and Support

We provide wide and comprehensive service and support to the customer upon need or within the scope of a contract signed with the customer. Especially in subjects concerning software, we provide fast, effective and most importantly cheap solutions with our expert technical consultants since we use our own software.

Online Service

Our technicians provide 24/7 service and support for urgent solutions to your problems through an online connection established with our customers.


Remote Maintenance

Our technicians may observe and analyze the state of your system online through the established line. Thus possible errors are examined and eliminated. Moreover, the required software updates are performed with remote access when required.

Periodic Maintenance

In periods determined by the contract, preventive maintenance service is provided to ensure that the system operates at optimum level. Within the scope of this maintenance, our technicians and other respective personnel examine the system on site, perform the required maintenance phases and present the results as a report.

Spare Part

Specific quantities of spare parts are stocked to be used in case of need by the customer depending on the size of their system. We provide detailed information and training to the technical team of the respective customer regarding the replacement of some parts when needed.


Constantly changing and developing market needs require constant improvement We periodically offer the following work-shop services to improve your competitive power in the market:

  • Optimization of your existing and continuing logistics processes
  • Planning your future logistics needs