System Design

Defining Goals

Company goals are defined based on the targeted growth and development in line with the current and future needs, and supported with innovative logistics solutions. In line with this objective, we define the following respective points with our customers:

  • Main conditions 
  • Cycle times of targeted solutions in terms of efficiency and flexibility
  • Long term growth and growth continuity

Situation Analysis

Statistical and dynamic data such as products, orders and costs may be analyzed. Thus, the optimization potential of the company is initially seen with this situation analysis. At the end of this analysis, the following respective data are obtained:

  • Product movement and distribution in the warehouse 
  • Order structures 
  • Average and maximum performance 
  • Logistics costs
  • Capacity 


In line with the defined goals and the situation analysis data, we generate alternative solutions by considering our logistics future, too. According to this, the following are obtained:

  • Various Concept Designs 
  • Draft drawing and design of warehouse and material flow areas 
  • Suggestions for data and material flow 
  • Offers or recommendations regarding the software system to be installed
  • In-dept calculation of profitability

Detailed Planning

The defined solution is discussed in detail and includes the following points:

  • Detailed drawings and designs required for application 
  • Fully analysis of the data and the required dimensional requirements 
  • Budget for the turn-key equipment 
  • Full description of material flow and processes 
  • Description and qualities of IT team
  • Definition of specifications for intersystem integration


Efficiency of a logistics solutions is closely related to the product and the order structure. Thus, this efficiency and performance are tested beforehand with the help of a prepared simulation especially in larger logistics systems. By this way, problems that may arise due to future structural changes may be foreseen and they may be prevented during system installation.


The above-defined 5 steps outlines the offer. So, the offer contains the following:

  • Initial state description 
  • New logistics solution presentation 
  • Process and function qualities 
  • Delivery scope, prices and timing 
  • Service package 
  • Software and Control System description
  • Mechanical equipment description