Multi Shuttle Systems

Multi Shuttle

Shuttle car systems are the ones usually used for feeding bins/boxes/pallets etc. to the inside of the venue fast in automated warehouses. They can also be used for feeding multiple order collection stations.

Purposes of use and properties of shuttle car systems:


– They can be used to feed multiple order collection stations,

– They can be used to accelerate the product input and dispatch processes in automated warehouses,

– They can be designed to carry one or more pallets/parcels/bins,

– They can operate in integrated manner and harmoniously with load carriage vehicles like roller/chain conveyors and telescopic conveyors,

– They can accelerate and slow down in a very short while,

– Communication is conducted by the chain cable, infrared or radio signals,

– The sensors are positioned through the help of a toothed belt or laser,

– They are operated by means of a cable or busbar.

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