Automation investments with budgets become meaningful through the integration of software that enables the use of the installed automation systems at a maximum performance. Otherwise, they are nothing but a dead investment. Concerning this, two basic software integrations are in question, which are:


• PLC (Machine Language Software)

• IWS (Warehouse Management Software)


PLC (Machine Language Software)

It is the machine program that enables the control of the equipment, like sensor, motor, etc. used in the automation systems installed and accordingly, the operation of the system. As the automation systems we specifically design for each customer, these programs are written and put into practice by us as tailor-made for the customer.


IWS (Warehouse Management Software)

The installed automation systems are certainly managed by a warehouse management system unless it is not wanted to control them manually in line with the request of the customer. Hence, a need for a warehouse management software that can control them along with the automation systems invested in is present in any case. The current warehouse management software programs used in the installed warehouses should be able to respond to such need and integration. Our warehouse management software (IWS) written and presented as a highly comprehensive software program by us as ILA is able to manage all automation services we presented above.