System Design

Definition of Targets

The company targets are determined in parallel with the growth and development targeted as per customer needs and future needs and those targets are supported through innovative logistical solutions. In line with this target, the following respective points are defined together with our customers:

• Basic conditions

• The cycle times of targeted solutions in view of efficiency and flexibility

• Long-term growth along with the continuity of such growth


Current Status Analysis

Statistical and dynamic data like products, orders, and costs are analyzed. This way, it is ensured through this current situation analysis that the optimization potential of the company is identified first. Following respective data are obtained upon this analysis:

• Product movement and distribution in the warehouse

• Order structures

• Average and maximum performance

• Logistical costs

• Capacity



In the light of the definition of the targets and the data of the current status analysis, alternative solutions are produced by us by means of considering your logistics future. Accordingly, the following are acquired:

• Various Concept Designs

• Rough drawing and design of the storage and material flow areas

• Recommendations for data and material flow

• Proposals or recommendations concerning the software system to be installed

• Comprehensive calculation of the profitability


Detailed Planning

The solution identified is addressed in detail and it includes the points set out hereinbelow:

• Detailed drawings and designs required for the implementation

• Addressing the data with all their dimensions and creating the required dimensional conditions

• Budget price for turnkey hardware pieces

• Full description of the material flow and processes

• The definition and characteristics of the Information Technologies team

• Definition of specifications for integration between systems



The efficiency of a logistical solution is in close relation to product and order structures. Therefore, particularly in large logistics systems to be established, such efficiency and performance are tested in advance, by the help of a simulation prepared. This way, the bottlenecks that may take place with the structural changes having the potential to occur in the future can be seen and problems are prevented by taking them into account during the installation of the system.



The five steps described above outline the proposal. Accordingly, the proposal includes the following:

• Initial status description

• Presentation of the new logistical solution identified

• Properties of the processes and functions

• Scope of delivery, prices, and timing

• Servicing package

• Description of the Software and Control Systems

• Description of the mechanical paraphernalia used


Internal Logistics Consulting Service

The Logistics Consultants have provided cost-efficient and creative warehouse design solutions to spearheading companies in the wholesale, retail, and consumer goods production sectors concerning distribution, supply chain management, and handling solutions, since 1990. Providing also an internal logistics consultancy service, our company is aware that internal logistics is a gradually rising key factor in view of the costs of companies and the satisfaction of their customers and that this key factor has a direct impact on market shares of firms. In fact, when presenting you with solutions and creating proposals, we offer you a sort of internal logistics consultancy service as well. It is because incorporating numerous different products that you may need into a system and presenting them to you is the biggest power of ILA. ILA employees in no case focus on a single product and try to persuade you for that product. Our internal logistics experts aim to present you with the best handling solutions for your supply chain, by way of creating the most appropriate logistics concept needed by the firm as well as the warehouse design that suits that concept in the best way.


• Do you know the proportion of the logistics costs in the product sales price?

• What is the logistical model your competitors work with like?

• How do they use logistics as a competitive power?

•Are you capable of measuring the share of storage costs within the aggregate product sales proceeds?

• Did you address your seasonal structure when determining your warehouse need?

• Do you know the relations of the efficiency of the personnel in the warehouse with the processes of product placement and collection, location, and relocation?

• Do you know how barcode automation reduces the storage costs of RFID systems?


We as professional internal logistics consultants aim to create a difference in the constitution of a perfect material management system, with advanced-level solutions in terms of product handling, distribution hubs, and warehouse designs. We believe that we have vast and comprehensive experience in warehouse design and development and in the applications of handing solutions that are conventional and with high automation for warehouses and distribution hubs. Our industrial engineers as well as operation and system design experts present onsite solutions in terms of warehouse internal logistics concept, design, and processes that tally with the needs of customers. The issues of selection and implementation of the appropriate warehouse management system program for the execution of supply chains are among the capabilities of our engineers and system design experts.


Each of our internal logistics consultants works as an independent warehouse designer and consultancy firm. As your internal logistics consultant, system designer, and partner, we promise that we will provide the analyses, concepts, and solutions that are most appropriate for your needs and interests, specifically for you, and without prejudice.


Our services as a Consultancy Company consist of the following topics:

• Warehouse Design

• Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

• Redesign of Warehouses

• Design of Full or Semi Automation Systems