ILA’s target is that the systems that it has installed and commissioned operate without losing their performance and in line with the changing customer needs or switching of teams:


New Personnel Trainings

In your warehouse or plant, the teams that use the system or handle it technically may vary from time to time. ILA Technical Service unit is able to provide ‘User Training’ to new users in particular groups on request and call and ‘Preventive Technical Service Support’ to a technical team that will contact the ILA remote support unit.


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System Control and Trainings

Now the demands and needs of end customers are very dynamic. In the constantly-developing and changing world, the systems you use may also be in need of renewal and expansion. You may request system control and trainings in relation to it from ILA Technical Service, in view of your requests like extension of entrance and exit conveyors, increase of the capacity of the main conveyor lines, and addition of new modules to the IWS system. The ILA Technical Service unit that listens to your new requirements and will check the system accordingly will come to you with the most appropriate solution.


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IWS Software Training

Software programs are dynamic and constantly changing structures. Use and management of software effectively paves the way for using your automation system efficiently. The ILA Technical Service department will support you in increasing the performance of your system through the user trainings that it will provide remotely or on site.


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