Doğuş Automotive


Cem Bulu, Head of Doğuş Automotive Spare Parts & Warehouse Distribution Operations, talked about the Sorter System they prefer to solve the distribution operations on the basis of dealers, with less workforce, more efficiency, and minimum number of errors.


Having executed a successful operation in the areas of warehouse and logistics through the Sorter System for over 3 years, Doğuş Automotive is quite content with the system that it benefits from in many fields.



“We are able to slide both the largest product and the smallest product on the same sorter.”


Mustafa Arslan, E-Bebek Warehouse and Distribution Manager, expressed that they could easily sort out 3,300 kinds of products in different sizes with the Sorter System they preferred as a result of the meetings that lasted for one and a half years.


E-Bebek aims at using this system in all its product groups very soon because of their satisfaction with the performance of the Sorter System that it uses only for 40% of its products.



“We redrew up our warehouse construction project following the project offered by ILA.”


Orkan Arıkan, Samson Plant Manager, stated that during the construction of the plant, they made substantial changes in the construction following the project presented by ILA.


Having created a fully computer controlled system with minimum workforce in the plant through the AS-RS solutions, Samson is very satisfied with the system that provides complete accuracy and high efficiency.