Complementary Products

Vertical Transport

Vertical Transport systems may in fact be referred to as vertical conveyor lifts. Vertical transport systems are used to carry products from one floor to the other, particularly in multi-floor warehouses. They are extremely quiet and leave the products at the specified stopping spots between floors. They are completely controlled by sensors and might be operated as integrated particularly with cargo carriage systems like roller or chain conveyors.


– A loading capacity for one or two pallets

– Ability to move upward and downward

– Side and front loading

– Installation at a desired height

– Roller or chain conveyor loading system option


– Silent and rapid lifting

– Maximum efficiency

– Versatile system design

– Flexibility in the system design

– Low traction power and low energy consumption

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Pick by Light

The pick by light systems are the conditions in which a light or LED system is available in each collection compartment. The main system directs the person performing the collection by analyzing the products and the quantities in the given order in accordance with the identified criteria, turning on the lights in the respective compartments, and indicating the number to be received on the screen. The person performing the collection pushes the button after receiving the quantity written on the screen from one compartment to transmit the fact that he/she has received the specified number of products from the respective compartment, to the main system, and proceeds to the next station where a light is on. He/she records the fact that the products in the respective compartment are collected in the main system. He/she creates a new collection work order for that compartment, if any.

Advantages of the

Directing operator with illuminated numerators

Missing-Excess material correction in-place

Instant stock recording via a single button

Opportunity of partial regional collection

Reducing material Collection errors

Higher collection efficiency

Multi-colored LED warning lights

Multi-digit numerical display

Quantity Increase-Decrease buttons

Industrial data transmission

Flexible programming options

More Efficient Order Collection with the Pick by Light Systems


– Pick by Light System adapted in line with your request

– Unlimited application possibilities

– Expandable modular structure

– System of parts that can be easily assembled

– Quantity correction and inventory functions

– Dialogue-oriented specific processes

– Flexible software architecture

– Open interface to all WMS/ERP systems


Configuration and Control of your Illuminated Collection System


Your Light Picking System is in need of a software program for integration. We present you with three different options.

– ILA presents your system to you as a turnkey. In addition to the Device Manager, we provide you with support through the software adapted according to your request and we combine this system with your server system.

– You will use our Device Manager that manages and controls each component separately, like our rack monitoring and controller. The software unique to the application and its interface on the server system will be provided by you.

– You will prepare the entire software yourself. We may support you with the documents you require.


Advantages of Using Our Device Manager

As in central data, Device Manager manages components and transforms physical coordinates to logical ones.


– The frequently used functions like area management, quantity correction operation, and zero area management have already been implemented.

– As a part of maintenance and diagnostics, it is possible that you receive detailed information for each part connected to the system, like current status and energy consumption.

– There are various simulation methods in order to test the compatibility of any modification or expansion work with the system.

– A special highlight has been located on a simple connection in the server systems (TCP/IP socket)


Your advantages when you order a turnkey system

You will obtain gains by connecting to systems like ERP, PPS, WMS, or SAP and including the 30-year experience into your business. We are implementing the processes and functions specific to your system, depending on system requirements. Regardless of the topic, whether it be data, communication, process security, or the system speed, you will be able to benefit from our specialization 24/7.



Conveyor systems, corner racks, area division, collection, pallet storage, (down to -30 degrees) deep freezer applications, incoming and outgoing goods, processing of returned goods, inventory, quality control, dispatch with commitment, sorting, and mobile applications.


General Information

Height: 50 mm (PTF) or 25 mm (PTF-S)

Blinding Lamp: Seven colors and 20 mm diameter

Direction Arrows: Red, upper/lower

Notification Button: Strong long impact button, an error rate of one in 10 million

Function Button: User defined blockage button



– Sensor for intervention screen

– QuickReply metal spring steel

– Sound signal

– IP54 against moisture

Mounting: Clip-on technology easy to be mounted

Connection: Contact spring connections

Operation Temperature:Between -30 degrees and +50 degrees.


The New “Dual” LED for Effective Collection

With its seven colors, the horizontally divided version of the warning lamp ensures that the upper and lower parts can be controlled separately. This design presents the possibility of clearly identifying the compensation position at the “bottom” or “top” section of the screen. In addition, it provides facilitation through the ability of two operators to collect in the same area. Moreover, special functions can be viewed more clearly. Naturally, the two halves of the lamp have been adjusted in a manner that they show the same color. Hence, it can be viewed from a very long proximity.


Advanced collection verification with Sensor Technology

We present our indicators with two extra sensors in order to perform fully contactless verification during the collection process and to accelerate the collection process.


L-Touch – verification through a gentle touch

The contactless sensors have been placed into the warning light, rather than the mechanical OK button. Collections are approved with a gentle touch on the lamp instead of pressing the button.


QRS (Quick Reply Sensor) – Verification without communication

A sensor has been integrated at the top or bottom of the indicator instead of the OK button. The verification without communication is conducted toward the direction of a gripping movement above or below the indicator.


External Key

A new external input port may be used to connect peripheral devices like the power button, cable pull switch, or KANBAN sensors. This creates new options for application as well.


F1 and F2 control keys

When the LTouch function is enabled for the process, the verification button that is not in use is replaced by a second control key. This key can be used for an extra function adaptation that will increase the flexibility of the system.